1. AVET – Anti Virus Evasion Tool

Post-process exploits containing executable files targeted for Windows machines to avoid being recognized by antivirus software.

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2. CarbonCopy

Tool that creates a spoofed certificate of any online website and signs an Executable for AV evasion.

3. Hyperion

Runtime encryptor for 32-bit portable executables (“PE .exes”).

4. Shellter

Dynamic shellcode injection tool, and the first truly dynamic PE infector ever created.

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5. UniByAv

Simple obfuscator that takes raw shellcode and generates Anti-Virus friendly executables by using a brute-forcable, 32-bit XOR key.

7. Veil

Generate metasploit payloads that bypass common anti-virus solutions.

7. peCloakCapstone

Multi-platform fork of the peCloak.py automated malware antivirus evasion tool.

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AD Attacks

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