Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) can be a target for attackers due to its role in managing user access to various applications.

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What is AD FS?

Here’s a breakdown of potential attacks and how to mitigate them:

Attack Types:

  • Password Spray/Brute Force Attacks: Attackers attempt common passwords or systematically guess them to gain access to user accounts.
  • Relaying Attacks (e.g., Man-in-the-Middle): Attackers intercept communication between a user and AD FS to steal credentials or manipulate data.
  • Golden SAML Attack: Attackers compromise an AD FS server and steal cryptographic keys used to sign authentication tokens. This allows them to forge tokens and impersonate any user.
  • Exploiting AD FS Replication: A vulnerability allows attackers to steal secrets like signing certificates from the network traffic between AD FS servers.

For additional resources, you can refer to Microsoft’s documentation on securing AD FS:

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